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In 2012 I began working for clients such as Warner Bros. Legendary, Netflix, Amazon, Fox and Disney. Collaborating on Godzilla, Tomorrowland, The BFG, Star Trek Beyond, Power Rangers, Deadpool 2 and

television productions such as The Man In The High Castle, Lost In Space, Once Upon A Time and Supergirl. 


Originally from Vancouver Canada, lived and worked in Spain for 15 years, mainly as a freelance designer, realizing commercial projects and designing single family homes.

With a background in painting and sculpture, I both designed and created thematic locals by hand. 

-    Set design

-    Art direction

-    Concept design

-    Illustration 

-    Sub-D mesh modelling

-    Texturing, lighting and rendering
-    CAD 2D & 3D

-    Interior and architectural design
-    3D visualization 

-    Commercial and residential design

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