Off World Fob Concept 2017
Concept design
Rogaland Set Concept
Power Rangers 2017
Set design
Night At The Museum 3 2014
Set Design
Godzilla 2014
Set design
Speeder Concept 2018
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The Great Wall 2017
Pre production set design
Lost In Space 2018
VFX & Set design
Star Trek Beyond 2016
Concept Design
Robot Suzanne Shell Concept 2019
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Man In The High Castle S1 2015
VFX set design
Deadpool 2 2018
Set design
The BFG 2016
Set design
Tomorrowland 2015
Set design
Supergirl S3
Set design / VFX set design
Once Upon a Time
Set design
Nightclub B3
Casa Particular Sevilla
Urban Ware - Home Boy
Puerta Catedral
La Alacena De San Eloy
Cafe Picatoset
Mimo Copas
Cafe De Indias
B3 Chill
Thematic Design
Design, sculpting and painting
Things I painted
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